Jyellowl Reality Check

Our goal is to highlight some personal biases that may exist in people by asking questions relating to politcal injustice, mainstream media and eastern struggles.

Please help us understand and learn more by giving us some information about yourself

You have an observant personality type

As an observant person, you are highly attuned to your surroundings and constantly seek out new information. You are often described as curious, inquisitive, and analytical. You prefer to focus on observable facts and straightforward outcomes, avoiding layering too much interpretation on what you see. You are most in touch with what occurs in front of you, in the present.

You have an uninformed personality type

As an uninformed person, you may lack knowledge or awareness about a particular subject or situation. This is not necessarily a negative trait, as everyone has areas where they are less knowledgeable. However, it can be helpful to seek out information and educate yourself on topics that interest you. This can help you make more informed decisions and form opinions based on accurate information.

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