Reality Check

‘Reality Check’ is another masterpiece by J. Created with Dublin-based producer and long-time collaborator Chris Kabs, this conscious anthem seamlessly blends rap and afro genres as it features afrobeat legend Harrysong, creating a compelling accompanying melody to the socially conscious subject matter that resonates with listeners. Drawing inspiration from the #EndSars protests in 2020 that saw innocent protesters brutally massacred, the production showcases JYellowL’s ability to merge diverse musical elements and thought-provoking content into a harmonious whole.

JYellowL’s distinctive voice and lyrical prowess shine through once more, as he weaves a tale of continued strife, oppression and instability. He shares, “Reality check is a wakeup call as the name implies. It’s a cry for evolution in my country Nigeria. We celebrate our independence from colonial oppression every year on the 1st of October but unfortunately since the heinous crimes committed against us on the 20/10/20, we must mourn our victims of our new oppressors”.

‘Reality Check’ signifies JYellowL’s evolution into a new musical phase that promises to be as boundary-pushing and genre-blurring as his previous releases. The track’s irresistible fusion of genres speaks to his artistic versatility, the introspective nature standing the test of time for JYellowL’s limitless rise to the very top.

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